The Bandwidth Difference

At Bandwidth, we’ve got a passion for doing things the other way – imagining what they could be and uncovering opportunities to take a new approach to create what should be.

We’re out to disrupt the century-old rules of the telecom industry—and that means doing things differently in every area of our business. It’s in the way we treat our people, and how we create with our customers. It’s the all IP network we built from scratch, powering innovative products and applications with millions of phone numbers nationwide. And it’s in the way we do our work—with a level of integrity, vigor and teamwork you have to experience to believe.

Whether our engineering teams are crunching code during all-night hack-a-thons or our team members are competing in a Big Idea competition, we love to dive in and get our hands dirty. No idea at Bandwidth is too big or too small, and every voice gets a listen. Read on to see how Bandwidth's innovative spirit is getting noticed.

Bandwidth’s Vacation Embargo Policy Helps Employees Disconnect

Read Bandwidth CEO and Co-founder David Morken’s recent piece in Quartz, discussing Bandwidth’s practice of leaving vacationing employees alone. The “don’t call us, we won’t call you” policy holds employes--and their co-workers--accountable for preserving the sanctity of vacation, even in today’s extraordinarily connected world.

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Bandwidth Co-founder and CEO David Morken Named Ernst & Young Southeast Area Entrepreneur of the Year 

David Morken and the Republic Wireless team are recognized for bringing the innovative new mobile product to market in 2011/2012—freeing consumers everywhere from ridiculous smartphone bills.



Entrepreneur Magazine recognizes David Morken and Republic Wireless as an Annual "Disruptor" for the Wireless Industry

Entrpreneur magazineThe July 2013 issue of Entrepreneur recognizes the hard work and innovative approach of Bandwidth's Republic Wireless and names the company and its co-founder, David Morken, as one of seven visionary ‘Disrupters’ of the year breaking new ground.

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The Whole Person Promise

We make a “Whole Person” promise to our team.  You can have both meaningful work PLUS a full life at Bandwidth.  Because here, we focus on accomplishing our mission as “whole people.” That means we take care of our people—in body, mind and spirit.


Whole Body

Our Whole Body programs help our people to “Know” about their individual health metrics and targets and then we provide ample support and opportunity for them to “Go” out and do it.

Whole Mind

At Bandwidth we believe meaningful work creates the sharp mind and creative spirit required to deliver remarkable value. Bandwidth has a no ditch digging policy. What’s that mean? Well for starters, we’re serious about doing work that matters.  We love to get our hands dirty—but when the daily work feels futile, we get together and fix it. Bandwidth team members thrive on the ability to make a big impact, and the opportunities here are endless.

Whole Spirit

We help our team members to be whole in their spirit by offering benefits to support their peace of mind.  We also provide plenty of opportunities for people to renew and refresh. No burnouts here!