Pinger Case Study

Here’s what Pinger was looking for

PingerPinger is the nation’s top free texting provider. Their apps have been downloaded over 50 million times and 15 billion text messages have moved through its system. In early 2010, Pinger had a novel idea. They wanted to add voice services to their already market-leading Textfree SMS application. Even better, they wanted to be able to offer each of their users their own phone number.

Being more of a software company than a traditional telecom player, Pinger needed a partner. They wanted a network partner who was flexible, agile, experienced, and creative enough to help them bring voice to life in their Textfree app.

But finding a partner turned out to be no simple task. Pinger was faced with the challenge of not having any existing voice minute volumes to bring to the table, making discussions with the traditional larger incumbents difficult.

So Pinger was new to VoIP. They had no volume yet. And they needed a partner to help them find their voice. Enter Bandwidth.

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