Pingtone Communications Case Study

Pingtone needed an FCC-compliant 9-1-1 solution

PingtoneFounded in 1999 and headquartered in Northern Virginia, Pingtone provides hosted (outsourced) phone systems to corporate, government and military customers in the United States and internationally.

Pingtone needed a partner to deliver FCC-compliant e911 for VoIP.

Here’s what we did

E911 ServiceBandwidth’s purpose-built emergency network is FCC compliant for Basic, Enhanced, and Next Generation 911 functionality. Because Bandwidth closely monitors the potential FCC regulations years before they are enacted, the i-Team was primed and ready to help when Pingtone called. Bandwidth provided a comprehensive solution for E911 including call routing, real-time address validation, and back office tools built on a single platform for ease of provisioning and support.

Here are the business results

OverseasWith Bandwidth, Pingtone was able to provide nationwide e911 services as well as specific, customized solutions for remote, overseas facilities. This included seamless support and emergency services delivered to oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico that count on PingTone for voice.

Bandwidth also augmented existing processes to accommodate Pingtone provisioning cycles, ensuring accurate and timely provisioning of new customers. This included new reporting and new bulk import tools, which resulted in faster customer implementations.

Here’s what the client had to say

Bandwidth (and its predecessor dash) has been at the forefront of e911 for years. Choosing them was one of the easiest decisions I ever made. Their technology and service is unparalleled and the i-Team is fast, responsive, and flexible.”Robyn SmithVice President Service Operations, Pingtone Communications

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