Spirit Telecom Case Study

Helping Spirit take their 9-1-1 to new levels of efficiency

Spirit TelecomSpirit Telecom is a privately owned South Carolina company with headquarters in Columbia, SC. Spirit Telecom prides itself in providing solutions that are reliable, flexible and responsive to their customer needs – anywhere, anytime – on their private fiber-based Carolina network.

Spirit had become dissatisfied with their existing 911 partner and was looking for a more reliable and cost-effective 911 and Next Generation 911 partner.

Here’s what we did

6 weeks full integrationWithin 6 weeks, the Bandwidth Team had Spirit up and running with the full suite of emergency services. Spirit immediately began benefitting from the use of our browser based portal for provisioning and real-time status updates. The portal also gave Spirit on-demand reports and the ability to verify that their emergency service addresses were loaded and accurate.

Bandwidth also provided Spirit with a step-by-step migration path through which they could bridge the gap from their wire-line infrastructure to IP-based, Nomadic 911 services.

Here are the business results

ALI made easyThe move to Bandwidth went without a hitch. Bandwidth’s ALI management integrated seamlessly with Spirit’s systems, provided real-time address validation against multiple data sources, as well as auto-correction and managed ALI database population. This enabled Spirit to save time and resources associated with management of ALI records.

By providing a single source for emergency services, ALI and Nomadic, the time required for moves, adds, changes, and migrating records from one service to the other has been greatly reduced.

Let’s talk

If you’re looking for a partner with a robust online portal to save time and resources, or a partner who is one step ahead and leading the migration to Next Generation 911 services, please contact us. We’d love to help.