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YextYext is a New York-based company that, since its inception in 2006, has helped small business across the country advertise online. The company operates a pay-per-action network, known as Yext Calls, that uses local telephone numbers to drive customers to small business clients. The Yext Calls brand has seen tremendous growth since it launched in 2008. The division owns and operates more than 500,000 local phone numbers in markets nationwide.

After experiencing immediate, rapid growth, Yext Calls partnered with large telecommunications providers to secure local phone numbers to meet the demand. Many of those companies had difficulty procuring and providing enough DIDs to meet the needs of Yext Calls’ customers as quickly as necessary. This process regularly took as long as 90 days. In several cases, the telephone providers ran out of numbers, forcing Yext Calls’ clients to wait to post their advertisements. This was unacceptable.

Here’s what we did

Yext - Here’s what we didYext Calls found a partner that could keep up with its pace of growth in Bandwidth. Within three weeks, Yext Calls was able to integrate the Bandwidth system. Bandwidth created a network of local telephone numbers and made them available in real time, so Yext Calls can process customer orders quickly. After experiencing technical trouble with other providers, it was essential that any solution be reliable. Bandwidth provided a nimble, dependable network of phone numbers in every market Yext Calls customers sought to reach.


Here are the business results

Yext resultsYext Calls enjoys a tremendous relationship with Bandwidth today. “They’ve been our most versatile telephony partner, hands down,” Metz said. Yext Calls also could procure telephone numbers significantly faster through Bandwidth than with traditional telecommunications providers. What took months with traditional telecommunications firms now takes a matter of minutes with Bandwidth. Metz said Yext Calls’ staff is dramatically more efficient since partnering with Bandwidth. And, because Bandwidth offered competitive pricing, Yext Calls was not forced to pass that cost on to its customers. “No other carrier has the mix of carrier class engineering with competitive pricing and huge flexibility in terms of order speed,” he said.

Here’s what the client had to say

Bandwidth has been our most versatile telephony partner, hands down. We needed a partner that had unbelievable coverage nationwide, and was able to get us numbers in a cost-effective way, and Bandwidth delivered on all fronts.
Brent Metz
President, Yext Calls

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