Powering the Next Generation of Consumer Engagement

Text Messaging is the fastest growing form of communication in the US and Bandwidth is fueling that fire by providing seamless integration along with scalable business models that connect enterprise, software and the small business entrepreneurs to this media.

By supporting multiple connectivity options, Bandwidth lets you choose how to connect to our in-house developed and maintained platform. Whether it's SMPP or RESTful APIs, now you can instantly enable messaging for your voice application, call center solution, or subscriber device, from any telephone number in our network.

Powering over 2 billion two-way messages a month, Bandwidth's experts in design and support ensure that your application never stops by providing geo-redundant data centers and a 24/7 dedicated Network Operations Center. With Bandwidth's fully compatible messaging platform, today’s businesses are now supporting messaging services that until recently were powered only by the traditional mobile carriers.

  • Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) for non-wireless telephone numbers
  • Instant provisioning for SMS & MMS with voice services
  • Interconnection to most mobile networks
  • Text-enabled Toll Free numbers
  • Support of both SIP or SMPP
  • Full geographic redundancy of all network elements
  • 24 x 7 Network Operation Centers (NOC)
  • Unrivaled customer support

How are businesses using Bandwidth Messaging Services?

Today’s consumers love to text—in both their personal relationships and also when it comes to their interactions with companies. Bandwidth SMS-enabled numbers empower software applications with the ability to send and receive text messages, supporting the next generation of customer engagement.

What is texting without MMS? Bandwidth numbers allow people to share their most memorable or important moments on the spot, with full support for sending and receiving text photos, videos, and many other multi-media formatted files.

Do your subscribers rely on receiving text alerts telling them that their credit card is nearing its monthly limit or that their child's school is closing due to inclement weather? Now Bandwidth numbers support the ability to opt-in to short-code campaigns, so that your users can receive alerts or send messages related to website security alerts, airline alerts, weather alerts, package deliveries or bank transactions.

Toll Free Texting or Enterprise to Person Texting (E2P)
Now businesses can give their customers the power to communicate in real-time, the way a majority of today’s consumers prefer—via text message. Bandwidth lets businesses quickly and easily add Toll Free Messaging to voice-only lines, helping businesses more efficiently process orders, send out appointment reminders, answer customer questions and more.

We're Bandwidth. We're transforming the industry. Partner with us.